Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Dome is Closed...for Now

The Dome is officially closing down. Don't fret, all two of you. As I've mentioned before, I have a new gig. You can find the same ole me at a new address with some new friends at

It was a fun ride, albeit slightly neglectful on my part. So, for now, head on over to Wrigleyville to get your fill. That's where I'll be shackin', probably sleeping on the sofa bed, at least until I get fired.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nutsack's Got a New Gig

Step 1. Get a crappy blog. Check.

Step 2. Tentatively post to your blog frequently. Check.

Step 3. Forget about your blog temporarily, neglecting what little success it had from start because you're a lazy dunderhead that plays too much XBOX Live. Check-a-mundo.

Step 4. Continue neglecting your blog so that your blog "friends" worry about your wellness and lively hood so much that they send you personal emails ensuring that you're still breathing. Oh, yeah...check.

Step 5. Receive a random invitation to "contribute" to a friendly blog of the same ilk, accept said invitation, and continue the future neglecting of your current blog. Check.

That'll be $35.95, please. Well, it seems as though your good friend In a Nutsack has been recruited by the fine folks over at Wrigleyville23 to be an everyday contributor to their fine establishment. Well, I've taken them up on their offer and plan to be worth every penny. Literally. So, The Dome's content and other whatnots can now be found at Wrigleyville23, and they can now prepare for the success I know Sarge and Wrigleyville have been searching for since the dawn of their site's creation. Whoopie?

Thanks to those guys, they are a class act.

Christmas and Thanksgiving Hiatus/I'm a Lazy Bastard

So, it seems that The Dome has been slightly missed by the "blogging community." Honestly, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Well, to be honest, the sentiment is endearing and I trully feel your pain. I've been a bad daddy to The Dome. I've been neglectful and downright abusive. I apoligize. I know that you miss me.

But, there are some very good sports (When I say sports, I mean baseball. And, when I say baseball, I mean the Cubs.) blogs out there. There's the always truthfully cutting Wrigleyville23. Wrigleyville and The Sarge have become good friends of the Nutsacker. They know their Cubs knowledge and are quick to point out how incredibly off-point official Cub media outlets are at this time. There's no better way to start out a morning at the old work station than sipping on some dark coffee and looking up Wrigleyville23 for the day's newest one-liner. The site is updated once a day, at least, and sometimes two, three or even four times a day. WV23 is one of my favorite sites, and they deserve your utmost attention.

Next, there's my, er, good friends over at Hire Jim Essian!. The true draw to this site, and Bad Kermit may hate to hear this, is a little fixture called the ShoutBox where all the assclownery, poo joking, and incessant racism occurs. When there's down time at work, I'll be hanging out in the ShoutBox, doing my best to bring down the standards of HJE!. However, ShoutBoxing aside, Bad Kermit's articles are always insightful, well-written, and usually downright funny. His commentaries on's Carrie Muskat's Mailbag are worth your while.

Next up are my friendly bartenders at Thunder Matt's Saloon. Not to be confused with Thunder Matt's Salon, which is something totally different. Not that there's anything wrong with that. At the Saloon, you'll find more than just Cubs news, although the site is centered around The Dome's favorite Cub, Thunder Matt Murton. No, at the Saloon, you'll find random news about the NFL, MLB, and NCAA. What, there's more? Sure...there'll also be some movie reviews and more hilarious pictures you can shake a stick at.

So, even though things are sluggish at best here at The Dome, there are other alternatives. I'll get back to things here shortly, but in the meantime, enjoy your holidays and continue keeping it real.

Oh, and the Saints are 5-6, two games back of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, whom they play this Sunday in the Superdome. It's been a rollercoaster season and let's hope the Saints can make things interesting in the NFC South by depantsing the Bucs this weekend and moving ever closer to the division title. Go Saints.

One more thing: The Cubs resigned Kerry Wood to a one year, $4.2 M contract yesterday. The Dome has a giant chubby.