Thursday, June 21, 2007

Update (with no picture): Rumors Afoot

Well, according to my most trusted site on sports information, is reporting several things of interest. The first is this: The Oakland Athletics have designated OF Milton Bradley for assignment, meaning that Milton will have to accept his demotion or become a free agent. The most likely scenerio is that Milton becomes a free agent, regardless of his injury history, especially with a line of .292/.373/.446 in only 65 AB.

The reason this is intriguing is because Rotoworld is also claiming that the Cubs and Rangers have been discussing a deal that would involve Jock Jones, and that a compromise could be completed in the next couple weeks. Now, the two circumstances are quite intertwined...Jock is due, and I may not be completely accurate here because I couldn't find reliable information, $4 M this year and $5 next year. Milton Bradley is due $4 M this year and is a free agent at the end of the year, plays the same position as Jock, and can do the same things that Jock does. One more little thing to mention...Milton Bradley is a much, much, much better player than Jock. The tradeoff is that Jock is less injury prone and a little less of a headcase than Milton.

I know that many contenders will be content to take a flier on Milton Bradley, I just hope this doesn't prohibit the Rangers from nixing a deal for Jock. Anything that gets him out of town and Thunder Matt back in Chicago is fine by me. God, I hope no Rangers personnel reads this.

Barrett Heads West; Cubs Get Younger, Yet Still Suck Donkey Scrote at Baseball

In case you haven't already heard, the Cubs have sent their deranged catcher, the freakishly strong white guy in the picture bieng restrained by someone only known as "Master," to the San Diego Padres in exchange for some two-bit knucklehead catcher named Rob Bowen and another 19 year-old Single A OF named Kyler Burke. If that name sounds like a girl's name...well, it is. But, Kyler is a dude, but he's hitting a girl-like .211 with 1 HR and 22 RBI in 213 AB for his former Fort Wayne affiliate. I'd say the Cubs should have traded for Kyler's twin and much hotter sister, Skyler Burke, and they might end up with a better return. Wink, wink.

Anyhow, Rob Bowen is a switch hitter with the potential to maintain a .260 average and hit 10 HR and maybe muster 40-50 RBI in a season. He's not the answer at catcher, but he'll be a capable backup for the Cubs once they address their catcher need via the trade deadline this year or in free agency next year.

A lot of people hated on Michael Barrett for being a bit of a vegetable behind the plate, but what he lacked in defense (and, it was a lot), he sorta-kinda made up for it at the plate. He averaged about a .280 line with 16 HR for the Cubs in this 2.5 years with the ballclub. I, for one, didn't mind his poor defense behind the plate because he was a solid hitter. But, this year, he couldn't overshadow his defense by punching people and that ultimately lead to his demise in Chicago. I hope that when he returns to Wrigley in the future, he gets slightly mediocre standing ovation, because that's what he deserves. Not boos...not wet-yourself adulation...but just the mere "yeah, he did what he could and really liked being in Chicago" appreciation. Mike worked hard, really wanted to be good behind the plate, was well liked by his teammates, even after punching them, and loved the fans at Wrigley. To a man, he'll be slightly missed.

He's best known for punching A. J. Eyechart in the face last year and he became an instant phenomenon among the Cub faithful. I don't think the Cubs made a bad move trading him away, as he'll be a free agent at year's end and the Cubs had no intentions of resigning him. But, selling this low may not have been the right move. Anyhow, they get another backup in Bowen, and given that Hank White's neck is giving him problems this year, it looks like the Cubs will have to search for a surefire starter...and soon.

Good luck, Mike...take it easy on the West, huh? They're kinda soft over there.

Props to Wrigleyville23 for giving me a mention on his site.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Inventing New Ways to Do the Same Ole Thing

Cubs lose tonight in 13 innings to the Seattle Mariners. In the 8th, they failed to score WITH THE BASESE LOADED AND 0 OUTS!!! This, on a night where the Brewers were no-hit by Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers, the Cubs could not make up any ground and remian 4.5 games back. By tonight's standards, it might as well be 100 games back. Michael Barrett is an awful defensive catcher, and he is making his case to be replaced. I like the guy...he wants to be a Cub. He wants to play well and provide a winning team for the fans. He enjoys the previlidge of playing at Wrigley Field. But, hell...I would enjoy all these things, too. But, that doesn't make me a good catcher, now does it?

I don't know what else to do but sigh and forget about it. Maybe something good will happen tonight. One more thing...Kelly Pickler is hot, but not a singer. That rendition of the "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" was dreadful, not to mention the awkward conversation in the booth with Len and Bob. Keep the faith, Cubs fans...I know it's hard when this team is circling the drain as it is now.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Outfielders O'Gluttin'

Yesterday, the Cubs placed 3B Aramis Ramirez on the 15-day DL with a bum knee and removed OF Cliff Floyd from the bereavement list. This move is quite significant in that the Cubs 25-man roster now contains six outfielders. An interesting question now arises...what will they do? Well, since we're talking Cub here, only Jim Hendry in his Krispy Kreme tower knows the answer.

A popular opinion in Cubdom is that Jock Jones should be traded, released, designated for assignment, tarred and feathered, deloused, euthanized...whatever it takes getting his lame ass of the team. I'm all for that. I don't think he has any trade value, so in order for him to be taken off the roster, his salary will most probably have to be eaten by the Cubs. Since Hendry likes to eat, I hope he follows my line of thinking.

This brings me to Thunder Matt. Let me be the first to say I dig redheads. I'll just leave it at that. So, any trade involving Matt Murton will make me cry a river. Or, at least sniffle really loudly. I want nothing more than for Thunder to turn around his season, which has been spent on the bench sitting next to Little Cesar, Rothschild and Trammel and fighting the urge to poke his eyes out with a rusty rail tie. Poor feller...

With Ramirez out, Fontenot and Theriot should be starting up the middle, and DeRosa will fill in admirably at 3B, with Little Cesar spelling the SS position as necessary. The bullpen, though stretched the past two games in Atlanta, will be okay due to Zambrano's big game last night and having Lilly and Marquis available for spot duty since their outings were cut short--Marquis for sucking and Lilly for attempting to haunt Edgar Renteria's dreams for eternity.

One more interesting note...Hank White has a herniated disc or something (you'd think I'd want to actaully look that, not so much) and is also on the 15-day DL. He took batting practice Monday, and is taking it slow. His injury, if severe enough, could be career threatening. It's a longshot, but if Hank is out for a prolonged amount of time, coupled with Barrett's forgettable and embarrassing "defense" behind the plate, could open the door for a catching prospect to make his way into Chicago in the coming months/offseason. Jarrod Saltalamacchia? Probably not...but, a girl guy can dream, right?

Cubs, do the right thing...cut your losses with Jock Jones. I think Murton should at least be platooning with Cliff Floyd in RF, Soriano in LF and Pie in CF for the remainder of the season. Angel Pagan has proven that he can play good defense, hit in situations, and lay down a bunt if need be. He also has blazing speed and run in certain situations. Just a thought...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Lot Can Happen in 2/3 of an Inning

Tonight's game versus the Atlanta Braves is off to a great start. In the first 2/3 of the Braves' half of the first inning, Ted Lilly was ejected for "intentionally throwing" and hitting Braves SS Edgar Renteria. This, according to the home plate umpire, was in response to Tim Hudson's beaning of Alfonso Soriano in the first inning of last night's contest. Who knows if Lilly meant to hit Renteria, but the pitch sure looked like it got away from him. In fact, he was fresh of a K of Kelly Johnson and ground out by Yunel Escobar. Renteria promptly responded by stealing second and throwing his body at a defenseless Mike Fontenot. If you ask me, both the home plate umpire and Edgar should beware of finding themselves hanging from a hook in Ted Lilly's basement. He'll also eat your children.

Needless to say, if I were Fontenot, I would have punched the ever-lovin' shit out of Renteria. But, he was a better man than I and took the bowling over like a man. Also, the umpires thought nothing of Renteria's run-in with Fontenot at second and cooler heads prevailed, but the slide was clearly intentional as he went in with cleats up.

So, to begin the game, the umpires sabotage a Ted Lilly start and allow Edgar Renteria to throw himself at our players. Since I don't think any of our players are gay, Edgar might be up shit's creek. Because he's a turd. And turds are shitty. Eat shit, Edgar. Here's to him getting a fastball right in the small of the back tonight. Go Cubs.

One more thing...why is Jock still playing baseball for this team? Please, get rid of him. Please.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Screw This, I'm Outta Here

According to Wrigleyville23, who is posting an "according to the New York Post" (ewwwwwww), the New York Post believes the Cubs could put Mr. Met (that's Carlos's new name, thanks to Wrigleyville23) up on the auction block. In a similar story, the Mets' giant erection just reached climax.

I don't know what to make of this, because the New York Post believes that the region it serves is the only region in the vast universe worthy of coverage. But, if Mr. Met were traded to the Mets, I'd be in favor of the deal if it included the Cubs getting Mike Pelfrey and and another prospect in exchange. That is all.


In a related story, the Cubs are also good when Felix Pie plays baseball games for them--to the tune of a 3-1 record since his recall from AAA Iowa. Since being called up by the Cubs, (The New) King Felix is a strong 8 for 20, hitting .400 with 1 HR, 3 RBI and 1 SB. Just yesterday, Felix went 3 for 5 with a single, double and HR, 3 RBI and a stolen base. His 3-run HR in yesterday's contest sparked the victory for the Cubs. Oh, yeah...Carlos Zambrano was on, getting a win in the decision.

This is an open cry to the Chicago Cubs National League Ballclub to keep Felix up for good this time. Adding him to outfield automatically raises the profile of the defense and the lineup. He's a true five-tool player (remember the other guy?) and will add to a push to the National League Central Division Championship. Let's just hope Donut Boy can take a breath from shoveling pastries in his face to drop Jock Jones from the roster and add a bullpen arm. God help us.