Monday, March 5, 2007

Joe Horn Thinks That Sean Payton Was Mean to Joe Horn

So, it's now official. On March 1, 2007, the Saints released the finest receiver to grace the black and gold. Joe Horn is now an unrestricted free agent. We all expected this because I predicted it with a previous post, geniusly entitled Free Fallin', and we all read this blog with the utmost attention, enthusiasm, and anticipation. Right? Eh...right? Um-hm...I thought not. Anyway, in an interview plopped in the Fayetteville Observer, Joe Horn refers to himself in the third person and claims that Sean Payton is a poopy-head and was mean to him. Here's what Joe Horn thinks Joe Horn's problem was at the end of last year's injury-riddled season:

“I just don’t think (head coach) Sean Payton wanted me back. I asked to be released because I felt betrayed by a head coach who wanted to prove he could win without Joe Horn.”

Classic. Let me first get this out of the way. I love Joe Horn. On the day that Joe Horn signed Joe Horn's free agent contract with the Saints, he referred to himself in the third person. From that day on, I knew we had something special. Joe Horn was my favorite Saint of all time. He was an enthusiastic member of one of the NFL's most putrid and mediocre franchises. He brought life to the city of New Orleans, in the football sense, and made watching the Saints worth it for the rest of us. I respect him as a person and a football player, and his antics and performances on the football field will be missed. In fact, the sad truth is that those performances had been missed for over a year now.

Joe's season last year started out okay, but he completely fizzled as he came down with groin, knee and ankle injuries. The fact is, Joe is getting old. It's a tough pill to swallow for someone like Joe Horn, but he should take two and call me in the morning.

If Joe feels that he'd been wronged by Sean Payton last year, then fine. Something tells me there's more to this story that's being told. I think Joe got different treatment under the eye of Sean Payton than he did under Jim Haslett. Jim didn' have much control over his players, but Sean Payton tends to equip the taser on woodenheads that don't seem to get it. Nowadays in Saints land, if you aren't with the coach, then adios. And, I'm fine with that. It's good for the Saints, and it lends itself to a better product on the field. Don't forget, Sean Payton will open-hand bitch slap your face if you fuck up. Don't even think about it...

So, I'm going to miss Joe Horn. Hopefully, Joe Horn will miss the Saints. News and rumors around the NFL have interest in him being drawn from the Jaguars and Falcons. If he goes to Jacksonville, then fine. However, I don't want him to pull a Bobby Hebert and head to Atlanta. By the way, Bobby never was a Falcon...pppfffffffttttt.

Lastly, I want to apologize for not writing in...well...months. But, baseball season is upon me and I'm catching Cubs fever. I'll have an update as I'm considering creating a Cubs blog. But, I'll also try to keep you guys up to date on Saints information. There's much to talk about as free agency in the NFL is under way and the Saints do indeed have holes to fill...especially the glaring one left at starting wide receiver. Stay tuned kids...more to come.

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Benny said...

Joe Horn burned his bridges when leaving New Orleans, saying this town aint big enough for both him and Sean Payton. So, what's changed Joe, or are you just trying to get a ring out the deal?