Monday, September 24, 2007

Cubs 3.5 Games Up; Saints Set for Titans

I know it's been a couple days, and I know you've missed the plethera of poo jokes and male genetalia references, but The Dome was away for the weekend, catching up on some good ole fashioned Cubs baseball.
It seems that Lou is the kinda guy that gets it. It may be a day late here or there, but you have to admit, you'd never see Geovany Soto playing in front of Jason Kendall in the past regime, dude. Because, Jason is a veteran and he has experience, dude. And by experience, I mean he's seen many grounders to second base for that sweet 4-3 put out. Dude. My point is that it's entirely refreshing to see our beloved Thunder Matt getting starts during the weekend with Geo. Although some might loathe to admit it, Lou decided to give Ronny Cedeno a start and he singled and homered in three runs to help in yesterday's 8-0 win over Pissburgh. What's even sweeter is that these guys are getting chances to help out and they're actually coming through.

One more thing before I move on to the Saints...big ups to Sam Fuld, the kid who made that outstanding double play in Saturday's game to get Scott Eyre out of trouble in that inning. That may very well be the Cubs' play of the year.

The Saints take on the Tennessee Titans tonight on ESPN's Monday Night Football. I'm excited about the game, but the Saints really need to focus tonight because the Panthers and Bucs are poised to make this a two team race before the blink of an eye. Go Saints, Go Cubs!!!

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bocaj said...

I enjoy the Cub talk, but am suddenly thrown off and confused towards the end... I don't know why...