Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Dome is Back

Well, The Dome is back from vacation, and just in time to catch the Saints getting a gigantic scrotum thrashing by the hands of the Colts. Let's just say that the mood is somber at the moment...the Cubs (well, Dempster) blew a lead today and lost to fall to the Dodgers and tailspin into a first-place tie with the Brewers.

Drew Brees has been nothing special tonight, throwing for a little more than a hundred yards with a pick and a fumble so far through the fourth quarter. However, the biggest reasons for the bad showing tonight has to come from two areas: cornerback Jason David (who will now be called Fred Thomas, Jr.) and the offensive line. But, don't fret Saints fans. This Colts team is very special. They look amazing, and in rare form. I don't think this Saints team can compete, at their very best, with the Colts just yet. In any event, Fred Thomas, Jr. better remember what it feels like to be a professional football player soon, because if he doesn't, he'll be handwashing Fred Thomas' jockstrap for the next couple months.

Keep your heads up. The Colts are an amazing team, and it was an unlucky draw for this upstart Saints club. New Orleans never really showed up, and it can be concerning. But, this is one of the best teams in the NFC, regardless of what the Colts do to them. It's going to be a good season for the Saints, but let's not try to be blinded by last season's miracle. More to come, later, like the running backs "Position by Position" series, and maybe a few poo jokes and audible fart noises, if you're lucky.


bocaj said...

Your fucking team lost me 15 bucks!!!

erwhitey said...

Dude I hope you and the old lady are coming out tomorrow night to watch your alma mater. Hope to see y'all then.

In a Nutsack said...

I'm never doing that again, erwhitey. Not if those Terd Furgeson's are back at your house during the game.