Friday, September 14, 2007

Jeebus...16 To Go

Forgive me, but it's Friday and I had the day off to enjoy good times with the little wife, some sushi, and a good movie (Beerfest--movie review to come), so I'm deciding to leave today's entry a little short and pretty much laxidasical.

The Cubs topped the Astros in Houston last night, taking two of three. They head to a world of jorts and mustard-stained muscle T's ("muscle" used loosely, of course) to face the Cardinals. Hopefully, the Cubs can scrape their bare asses across the grave that will be the Cardinals season this weekend and move ahead of the Brewers. Only 16 games left to a fairly mediocre season. But, in a season when piss-poor wins the NL Central, let's hope the Cubs can be the least bad team and make it to October. Finally. Yay?

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erwhitey said...

The Cubs are one thing but how about calling up your boy Theriot and getting some hits out of the bastard? He's 1 for his last 18 for cripe's sake. Oh and Beerfest gets a B from me with some seriously funny parts.