Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Promise is a Promise

I did promise a few friends a post for yesterday. I also promised another look at the Saints in the Position by Position series. That, hopefully, will become a reality soon...if you're good. Anyhow, since I really don't have anything relevant to say, here are a few things going on in the world of sports, and in the world in general, to go along with a moderately funny/interestingly disturbing picture. I don't know when, where or why this was taken, or if it is a doctored photo, but if it's real, the folks in the foreground re completely way too into themselves. Anyway, here goes the nieghborhood.

The New England Patriots, otherwise known as the love children of ESPN, are cheaters, cheaters, pumpkin eaters (sorry, Wrigleyville23). That's right, Belichick and the rest of the Pats were caught as a spy, on behalf of the Pats, was caught video taping the New York Jets' sideline. Boooooo...go to hell, New England. Take Hillary Clinton and the BoSox with you.

Saint Louis Cardinals former pitcher, turned outfielder/Barry Bonds wannabe Rink Ankiel was found to have used HGH, or human growth harmone, in his "comeback." Aaaawwwww...what a joke baseball is starting to be. As much as I hate Ankiel and the Cardinals, you have to wonder...if Ankiel took a year's supply of HGH and baseball is all over his back about it, just as he begins to see some success and can make a living out of being a real-life baseball player, why the hell can't MLB nail Barry for God knows what he took to become the next coming of Joe Young. By the way, since Barry isn't in the MLB Player's Association, his real name isn't used in video games. So, they actually use the name Joe Young. Please click the link on Joe Young...the irony is so ZING!

LSU is awesome at this crazy American sport called football.

I saw Super Bad. I'll have a review on it soon.

The Cubs are back in 2nd place. This will be followed by two days in first, three in second, two more in first, and me kicking myself in the gonads because I hate this team! But, really...just win the damn thing.

Britney Spears is old and fat. And obviously a retard. Sorry to all you retards, I know that comparison is harsh.

Okay, that's about all I got for now. Sorry for the lackluster effort. I'll try harder next time.


bocaj said...

Do you know what would amp the viewship up infinitely (and I really mean infinitely because it's at zero right now)? ...Porn! And you're almost their with the above picture...

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Thanks, Boc. You're such, errr, a help.