Thursday, August 30, 2007

Getting Used to Kicks in the Man Tackle

Ugh. You see? Do you finally see? This is why I'm so "eh" about the Cubs in first place. I think it's because I'm not used to it. On a night when Ben Shits takes the mound after his 967th DL stint, the Cubs act like they've never seen the guy. Ever. Or that white, leathery orb thingy called a baseball. Should I hit it? Eh. Should I catch it? Eh. Should I throw it directly to another one of the guys wearing the same clothes as me? Eh.

I'm not going to get all doom and gloom over the loss last night, but when those millionaires turn in performances like that when they're playing a divisional opponent and both teams are contending for the lead in the NL Central, it just frustrates you to the point where you wouldn't mind punching a baby in the forehead. For some of us, (looking at bocaj) it takes less.

However disturbing last night's lollygagging joke of a game is to us, the fact remains that our gang of shitkickers are indeed leading the division (that no one wants to win) by 1.5 games in September (well, almost) with only a handfull of games left on the schedule. The rubber (stop the snickering in the back!) game is tonight, and let's hope the Cubs raise up on their feeble hind legs and donkey punch the Brewers in the throat muscle.

Also tonight, for your television and football viewing pleasure, the Saints take on the Dolphins in their final preseason game. Hopefully, Robert Meachem will show up and play well. And, finally...NCAA football is here. LSU kicks off the whole college season as they travel to Starkvegas to face the Bulldongs of Mississippi State. Should be fun.

One more note: The Dome and it's omnipotent creator will be on hiatus (vacation) at the beach for the next week, starting tomorrow. If you happen to be in Santa Rosa, Florida next week, be on the lookout for the guy wearing the neon-green wrestling suit/bananahammock. I'll be the guy kicking his ass. Go Cubs, go Saints and GEAUX TIGERS!!!

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bocaj said...

Like my Great Aunt's lover always used to say, "Any publistidy is God's publistidy."