Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Lot Can Happen in 2/3 of an Inning

Tonight's game versus the Atlanta Braves is off to a great start. In the first 2/3 of the Braves' half of the first inning, Ted Lilly was ejected for "intentionally throwing" and hitting Braves SS Edgar Renteria. This, according to the home plate umpire, was in response to Tim Hudson's beaning of Alfonso Soriano in the first inning of last night's contest. Who knows if Lilly meant to hit Renteria, but the pitch sure looked like it got away from him. In fact, he was fresh of a K of Kelly Johnson and ground out by Yunel Escobar. Renteria promptly responded by stealing second and throwing his body at a defenseless Mike Fontenot. If you ask me, both the home plate umpire and Edgar should beware of finding themselves hanging from a hook in Ted Lilly's basement. He'll also eat your children.

Needless to say, if I were Fontenot, I would have punched the ever-lovin' shit out of Renteria. But, he was a better man than I and took the bowling over like a man. Also, the umpires thought nothing of Renteria's run-in with Fontenot at second and cooler heads prevailed, but the slide was clearly intentional as he went in with cleats up.

So, to begin the game, the umpires sabotage a Ted Lilly start and allow Edgar Renteria to throw himself at our players. Since I don't think any of our players are gay, Edgar might be up shit's creek. Because he's a turd. And turds are shitty. Eat shit, Edgar. Here's to him getting a fastball right in the small of the back tonight. Go Cubs.

One more thing...why is Jock still playing baseball for this team? Please, get rid of him. Please.

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