Thursday, June 21, 2007

Update (with no picture): Rumors Afoot

Well, according to my most trusted site on sports information, is reporting several things of interest. The first is this: The Oakland Athletics have designated OF Milton Bradley for assignment, meaning that Milton will have to accept his demotion or become a free agent. The most likely scenerio is that Milton becomes a free agent, regardless of his injury history, especially with a line of .292/.373/.446 in only 65 AB.

The reason this is intriguing is because Rotoworld is also claiming that the Cubs and Rangers have been discussing a deal that would involve Jock Jones, and that a compromise could be completed in the next couple weeks. Now, the two circumstances are quite intertwined...Jock is due, and I may not be completely accurate here because I couldn't find reliable information, $4 M this year and $5 next year. Milton Bradley is due $4 M this year and is a free agent at the end of the year, plays the same position as Jock, and can do the same things that Jock does. One more little thing to mention...Milton Bradley is a much, much, much better player than Jock. The tradeoff is that Jock is less injury prone and a little less of a headcase than Milton.

I know that many contenders will be content to take a flier on Milton Bradley, I just hope this doesn't prohibit the Rangers from nixing a deal for Jock. Anything that gets him out of town and Thunder Matt back in Chicago is fine by me. God, I hope no Rangers personnel reads this.


erwhitey said...

Well here it is dude. I NEED some more info! Update your friggin blog!

In a Nutsack said...

I apologize and I will do my best. Look for some info to hit later this evening. Work has been thick lately, so I get lazy when I get home...I had no idea that I was so popular.