Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Inventing New Ways to Do the Same Ole Thing

Cubs lose tonight in 13 innings to the Seattle Mariners. In the 8th, they failed to score WITH THE BASESE LOADED AND 0 OUTS!!! This, on a night where the Brewers were no-hit by Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers, the Cubs could not make up any ground and remian 4.5 games back. By tonight's standards, it might as well be 100 games back. Michael Barrett is an awful defensive catcher, and he is making his case to be replaced. I like the guy...he wants to be a Cub. He wants to play well and provide a winning team for the fans. He enjoys the previlidge of playing at Wrigley Field. But, hell...I would enjoy all these things, too. But, that doesn't make me a good catcher, now does it?

I don't know what else to do but sigh and forget about it. Maybe something good will happen tonight. One more thing...Kelly Pickler is hot, but not a singer. That rendition of the "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" was dreadful, not to mention the awkward conversation in the booth with Len and Bob. Keep the faith, Cubs fans...I know it's hard when this team is circling the drain as it is now.

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Katie said...

I had to endure Barney(thats right, the big purple dinosaur) sing the national anthem when I was there, but I am sure that was better than stupid Kelli Pickler.

I guess I really shouldn't complain since I have actually been there!