Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Outfielders O'Gluttin'

Yesterday, the Cubs placed 3B Aramis Ramirez on the 15-day DL with a bum knee and removed OF Cliff Floyd from the bereavement list. This move is quite significant in that the Cubs 25-man roster now contains six outfielders. An interesting question now arises...what will they do? Well, since we're talking Cub here, only Jim Hendry in his Krispy Kreme tower knows the answer.

A popular opinion in Cubdom is that Jock Jones should be traded, released, designated for assignment, tarred and feathered, deloused, euthanized...whatever it takes getting his lame ass of the team. I'm all for that. I don't think he has any trade value, so in order for him to be taken off the roster, his salary will most probably have to be eaten by the Cubs. Since Hendry likes to eat, I hope he follows my line of thinking.

This brings me to Thunder Matt. Let me be the first to say I dig redheads. I'll just leave it at that. So, any trade involving Matt Murton will make me cry a river. Or, at least sniffle really loudly. I want nothing more than for Thunder to turn around his season, which has been spent on the bench sitting next to Little Cesar, Rothschild and Trammel and fighting the urge to poke his eyes out with a rusty rail tie. Poor feller...

With Ramirez out, Fontenot and Theriot should be starting up the middle, and DeRosa will fill in admirably at 3B, with Little Cesar spelling the SS position as necessary. The bullpen, though stretched the past two games in Atlanta, will be okay due to Zambrano's big game last night and having Lilly and Marquis available for spot duty since their outings were cut short--Marquis for sucking and Lilly for attempting to haunt Edgar Renteria's dreams for eternity.

One more interesting note...Hank White has a herniated disc or something (you'd think I'd want to actaully look that up...eh, not so much) and is also on the 15-day DL. He took batting practice Monday, and is taking it slow. His injury, if severe enough, could be career threatening. It's a longshot, but if Hank is out for a prolonged amount of time, coupled with Barrett's forgettable and embarrassing "defense" behind the plate, could open the door for a catching prospect to make his way into Chicago in the coming months/offseason. Jarrod Saltalamacchia? Probably not...but, a girl guy can dream, right?

Cubs, do the right thing...cut your losses with Jock Jones. I think Murton should at least be platooning with Cliff Floyd in RF, Soriano in LF and Pie in CF for the remainder of the season. Angel Pagan has proven that he can play good defense, hit in situations, and lay down a bunt if need be. He also has blazing speed and run in certain situations. Just a thought...

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