Friday, August 24, 2007

You See What Happens When the Saints Are "Good?"

Well, I know it's been too long since we've had a Saints-related post, but when the Cubs are in first place...well, let's just say you have better chances of picking a booger made of diamonds from nose than that happening too often.

So, while the Cubs are warming up for their series opener against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Saints just beat the ever-lovin' snot out of the hapless Kansas City Chiefs last night. As if living in Kansas City wasn't enough of a cock-punch, the looks of the football team are enough to make those folks want to jump headlong into their daily, 4:00 pm tornado.

Drew Brees and his birthmark were on fire last night. He completed 17 of 19 passes (that's a whole lotta 89.5% completion percentage), and if you take the reverse of that percentage, you get Rex Grossman's estimated completion percentage for the Bears in 2007.

Those 17 completions went for 182 yards and a TD to David Patten, who by all accounts and purposes, was a nobody for the last couple years. Patten cought 6 balls last night along with virtual unknown Lance Moore's 6 for 88 yards. Robert Meachem who? I tell you what, with the Bucs on the verge of cutting Michael Clayton, a former LSU grad from Devery Henderson's class, I'd expect the Saints to take a flyer on him. Who'd have expected Devery to have the more successful NFL career thus far?

The Saints look far and away light years ahead of all the competition over the last two weeks. The Chiefs were a 9-7 team last year, and the Saints embarrassed them last night. Granted, their quarterback is some hick from Alabama, but the Saints were near flawless on offense last night. Except for the two failed 4th and goals, they were unstoppable. Olindo Mare has been anything but the lonesome kicker thus far, as Sean Payton has instructed him NOT to kick the ball through the endzone for touchbacks just so he can evaluate his return team defense.

The Saints are all the rage on ESPN, which could be a dubious omen, but I have to admit that Saints fans have quite a bit to look forward to. This team looks really good so far, and I'm really excited about the upcoming season. I'll go out on a limb and say that they'll win the NFC South, or at least they should.

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erwhitey said...

I'M BACK BABY! Had a quite a bit to read to catch up there Nut boy but things are definitely on the up and up with the former 'Aints. Your buddy Mr. Vogget and myself watched that ass whoopin they put on the Chiefs last night and couldn't agree more about Lance Moore and his absolute awesomeness. I've finally got my internet and TV hooked up over here in hickville, so we'll have to get everyone together soon and have a HUGE football blowout. Oh by the way, what color is the truck?